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How do i set the time on my wooden watch?



Position 1:

The standard position of the crown. The crown should always be placed in this position during use.

Position 2:

The crown should be pulled gently to the position to set the time of the watch.




To ensure the longest possible lifetime for your wooden watch, please carry your watch with respect and avoid any kind of hard impacts, drops or other kind of damage. Furthermore, the watch should be stored wisely, making sure that the watch is never exposed to moisture and/or high/low temperatures. Storage in original packaging is recommended.

Can i change the strap length on my wooden watch?

When you order a wooden watch from us we always offer to adjust the strap length, so the watch fit you perfectly when you receive it. Simply use our size-guide to find out what size to submit to your order.

If you want to adjust the watch strap length by yourself, you can. This should be done carefully and with the proper tools, so please use the ones included in your watch box. The tool and method depends on the watch model, so please read the instructions and/or watch our video instruction guide.


Our watches are made of natural materials and contains no toxic chemicals or nickel, which makes them allergy friendly.

If you experience any itching, inflammation or any other discomfort, it might be caused by a wood allergy. Please stop wearing your watch, and consult us or your doctor.


The watches are considered water resistant (3 atm), which means, that they are splash/rain proof. The watch should therefore never be used for activities such as fishing, swimming or showering, and should under no circumstance be submerged into water.

Payment and Shipping

Does payment include customs charges?

If you are living in a EU country, you should not worry about custom duties and taxes. However, if you are living in a non-EU country (USA, Norway etc.) you order has to go through a customs clearance. Unfortunately, your purchase does not include the payment of potential custom duty and tax charges. If you want to know more about the potential customs charges, we advise you to contact your local or national postal service or customs office.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes – We offer free worldwide shipping on all purchases

Do you offer worldwide shipping?

Yes – our watches are shipped all over the world. And even better; we do it for free!


All payments on our website goes through the safe and secure payment module QuickPay, which makes it possible to use the following cards: Visa, VisaDankort, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit and Maestro.


The time of delivery depends on your location and time of ordering. However, the expected delivery is about 2-5 weekdays and should rarely exceed 8 weekdays. If you make the order before 12.00 cet, your order will most often be shipped the same day. Delays can naturally occur, so the expected delivery time should be considered guiding.

Warranty, Returns & Repairs

My watch is damaged. Can you help me?

If you accidently damaged your watch, or the watch was already damaged when you received it, the procedure is the same. Please go to our returns page and fill out our return form stating the relevant information about the damage or defect.

I want to return my watch. What should I do?

If you want to return your watch, whatever the reason, please pay a visit to our returns page and fill out our return form with proper information about your return.

What kind of warranty is applied to my purchase?

The Danish Sale of Goods Act rules may apply to purchases.

On every purchase we offer a 24-month warranty. This means that you can either get your watch repaired or replaced, or a refund or reduction in price, depending on the specific situation.

On defects/damages within the 24-month period you are covered for any errors or defects that was present on the time of purchase. Damages/defects occurring within the first 6 months are eligible to warranty if the seller (we) cannot proof that the damage was not present on the time of purchase. After 6 months the buyer must be able to justify/proof that the defect was present on the time of purchase if the warranty should be eligible.

Read more about warranty and complaints in our Terms and Conditions

Do you offer a battery warranty?

During time, the battery of the watch might need to be changed. We recommend taking your watch to a specialist/jeweler or send it back to us, as it is a fairly advanced procedure.

We would always like to help you out. Your options concerning the battery change depends on the time since the purchase. Look below to see what your options are.